Top Ten Books For Summertime Reading

Summertime is all about READING! Stacks of books, hours of free-time, long hot days with nothing to do…except read!

Join me today in our family SCHOOLROOM (my favorite place…) for the TOP TEN BOOKS on our reading list this summer.

During the school year my kids read whatever their teachers recommend, or whatever they find at the library. But in the summertime I give them a list from our family bookshelf. These are tried and true old-fashioned books I read as a child. I don’t want my kids to miss out on these stories, even if they are from a different era. Most of our copies are from the second hand store, and I love the dog-eared pages and stamps from school libraries of long ago.

This summer, to add to the fun, we’re having a family BOOK BATTLE! My kids love doing book battles with their school librarian. This year we’ve made our own family list of books to read…and we’ll battle it out in August.

P.S. Stay tuned at the end for 3 bonus books…


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