Hi! I’m Nettie, a mom just like you. I have 10 children, ages 2 through 20. During my years of motherhood I’ve discovered two important facts:

1 ~ Motherhood is HARD!

2 ~ Motherhood is FULFILLING!

Being a mother is definitely the most difficult task I have ever undertaken. But, it’s also the most joyous. Sometimes people assume that because I have a lot of children, I have the perfect parenting formula. But that’s simply not true. In fact, because I have a lot of children I’ve discovered there is NO WAY to be a PERFECT PARENT. But, there are a MILLION WAYS to be a GOOD ONE.

Since I know motherhood is challenging, I’ve written my ideas and experiences in an effort to help other mothers. My writing has been published in various local, national and international publications for the past 20 years. You’ll find most of my article links and motherhood tips here on my website, on my blog, or on my YouTube channel, Nettie’s Notes.

Some of my ideas may work for you, and other ideas may simply give you a jumping off point to create your own motherhood solutions. Either way, we’re helping each other.

I hope the ideas we share together will make your motherhood BRIGHTER and SMOOTHER.


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